Expand your global telco business to Germany with sipgate. 

sipgate is Germany's leading VoIP-Carrier.

Over 1,6 million customers have trusted sipgate. So can you.

HD-Voice interconnects

sipate is directly interconnected with all major German telcos, most of those interconnects being HD-capable.

Mobile phone numbers

sipgate provides twenty million mobile numbers from two distinct number ranges in Germany. All numbers can be reached from any global network and are sms-capable.

Fixed phone numbers

German fixed phone numbers are available from all 5,200 German area codes. These numbers can be reached from any global phone network.

SMS Interconnects

sipgate mobile numbers can be reached from any global mobile phone, and sending SMS is possible, too.

Number portability

All sipgate numbers are portable, and any German number can be imported. sipgate is connected to both processes for fixed and mobile numbers. A dedicated team provides smooth and frictionless portability.

Emergency calling

sipgate provides emergency 911 / 110 / 112 calling, with specialized routing and fraud protection covering all emergency services in accordance with German and European regulation.

The sipgate All-in-One-Net

Mobile network

sipgate is one of the very few full MVNOs in Germany, partnering with Telefonica O2. Our core network is fully integrated with our fixed line and VoIP networks to enable fully convergent services.

Fixed phone networks

With multiple networks in Germany sipgate provides superior redundancy and competitive pricing for all carrier grade VoIP-services.

IP network

With several data centers, DeCIX and LINX connectivity and multiple redundant uplinks sipgate provides a reliable IP network to deliver voice services for consumers and carriers alike.

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